Leading Cause of Death for Teenagers

For decades the American Academy of Pediatrics has reported that the leading cause of death for teenagers, are motor vehicle accidents.    Wouldn’t it be great to change that?

We all know that as much as parents talk to their children, and schools talk to their students, and even pediatricians talk to their patients about the dangers of driving under the influence, it doesn’t always sink in.    Just as a parent would never think of placing their toddler on the front seat of the car and then drive away thinking all is well just because they instructed the toddler to sit still till they got to where they were going; a parent should never fool themselves into thinking that just because someone told a teenager that driving under the influence could seriously injure or kill them will keep them from doing it “just this once”. Unfortunately, what they don’t seem to understand, but what we know, is that “just this once” is once too many.

So, as a mother who was serious about making sure that her children did NOT make the sometimes fatal mistake of thinking . . . I can handle it . . . Parents worry too much . . . It won’t happen to me . . . I decided to develop and patent a screening process designed to keep someone impaired from alcohol or illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter drugs from being able to start their car.  I knew that it needed to be extremely discreet, simple to use, but most importantly, highly effective in determining impairment.   So, Cleared2Drive was born.  Just perform 6 simple tasks and you are on your way – all in about 10 seconds.   It doesn’t get any easier than that!


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